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Stay at Home Grooming

Does your pet need regular grooming care, or have they spent the weekend playing in the mud and sand? For regular fur, nail, and ear care I can help!

These services will be performed in the comfort and safety of your own home. I have everything I need to do the job!

Regular washing can help keep a pets' skin, coat, nails and ears clean and healthy. 

I offer these grooming services: baths, blow-dry, nail trim, and ear cleaning.

Dog baths include a thorough wash, towel dry, professional blow dry, and brushing. The rates start at $30. This price will vary depending on size of dog.

Nail trims are $15 per dog. 

Ear Cleaning is $15 per dog.

If you are interested in the entire grooming package for your pet, then please message me so I can give you a quote. 

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